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the laurel

Our Laurel Wedding Package, a favorite among our guests, provides a plated dinner reception. This package includes a 1-hour cocktail hour featuring a grazing table, a pasta station, and a selection of 10 Hors D’oeuvres, followed by a 4-hour reception. Indulge in a signature salad followed by chef-inspired entrees with accompanying sides; this includes your choice of 2 entrees and 1 vegetarian or vegan option.


the cypress

Our Cypress Wedding Package, the epitome of luxury, offers your guests a culinary journey. During the reception, they can explore interactive dinner stations, curated with entrees reflecting your preferences, experiences, or beloved comfort favorites. Additionally, enjoy a 1-hour cocktail hour featuring a grazing table, a pasta station, and a selection of 10 Hors D’oeuvres. Choose from 2 Dinner Stations for up to 150 guests or 3 Dinner Stations for 151+ guests during the 4-hour reception.


the magnolia

Our Magnolia Package adds a modern touch to wedding classics, offering guests distinctive dishes in an elegant presentation. Begin with a 1-hour cocktail hour featuring a Grazing Table and a selection of 10 Hors D’oeuvres, followed by a 4-hour reception. During the reception, guests can indulge in 1 Salad, 1 Pasta, 2 Entrees, 1 Starch, and 1 Vegetable, all beautifully presented for your enjoyment.


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The Marian House wedding experience will surpass your event expectations.

From start to finish, the entire team went above and beyond

 You don’t just get a caterer with Marian House, you get a team of individuals who guide you on the way to the big day, and who keep the event organized the day of. So many people talk about how they go to a wedding for the cocktail hour, because we all know it has the best food. With Marian House, you get incredible food for every course. We had guests approaching us during the wedding raving about the food. In the days after, we have received so many texts messages asking for their name. 


The food was BY FAR the best food at a wedding anyone had ever had.

Will, Scott, Kara & Joe surpassed our wildest expectations & nailed every detail. If you are looking for a venue & caterer, this is it; stop searching. We have been to many weddings, & not a single one was better than Willow & Sage at the Marian House.

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